What you get

One-year subscription to use Cropel database and to get a device failure prediction based on the data collected in the Cropel database.

Subscription delivery is via email. If you don't receive an email message with subscription details within 30 minutes of completing the order, please check your email spam folder for a message with the key; more often than we would like, subscription keys are falsely identified as spam.

Automatic renewal of the Cropel subscription

Your Cropel subscription purchase includes automatic renewal, allowing you not to worry about the expiration of your subscription. By allowing automatic renewal of Cropel subscription, you authorize Cropel team to automatically charge the then-current renewal subscription fee (plus applicable taxes) to your credit card.

You may cancel automatic renewal of the Cropel subscription by contacting Cropel team.

Purchase subscription

Cropel Hard Drive Diagnostic software, one-year subscription $19.95
Instant Purchase

VAT: Prices are subject to VAT if you are in EU.

Please note that ordering multiple copies of Cropel produces a set of license keys to be applied on different computers, rather than a multiple-year subscription.

Cropel license agreement.

Payment methods

Payment method logos

You can place the order in US Dollars, Euro, and many other currencies. You can purchase the Cropel subscription using a credit card, PayPal, or iDEAL payments.

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